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Satellite Internet plans, pricing and availibility are specific to exact areas.
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Viasat has surpassed the bounds of your normal satellite internet. Today, people are using the internet more than ever and need their internet performance to keep up with their increasing browsing, gaming, and streaming needs. Satellite has historically not been able to keep up with these demands, but Viasat has exceeded the past limits of satellite internet technology and has created a fast, reliable satellite internet with unlimited data! Viasat’s state-of-the-art technology can give internet users across America - in cities, suburbs, and even rural areas - internet speeds that are even faster than many DSL and 4G/LTE mobile options.
Available nearly anywhere in the United States, Viasat internet is revolutionizing satellite internet. For fast, reliable satellite internet, call today to discuss the plans and promotions available in your area.

Viasat satellite is available in most areas throughout the 48 states in the continental U.S.
We especially target and provide service in rural and remote areas where cable providers don't offer service. Your area may still be waiting for the expensive infrastructure work required to lay down thousands of miles of fiber optic cable. No worries. Satellite internet service is available to get you online regardless.

You may select the best plan from among the available list of plans in your area and your price will lock in for two years. No more surprise gotcha annual price increases. Viasat internet brings you fast speeds and unlimited data speeds of up to 100 mbps in select areas. Even in the more remote areas you will have a specific choice for a plan with data speeds that allow surfing and streaming. Call us today to find out what's available in your area.

Viasat internet service includes basic equipment that the technician will install at your home or business. Installation includes setting up the satellite internet dish on or near your home. The equipment will include a cable running neatly from the dish into your home where the technician will connect it to your Viasat internet modem. The modem will be connected to your computer inside your home. The technician will initialize internet service and get you online as you watch.
Plus, your Viasat modem may include built-in Wi-fi that brings connectivity to all your devices such as your phone, tablet, laptop and your smart home security cameras.

Viasat equipment is leased with a reasonable monthly fee, plus, with the EasyCare option that you can bundle with your Viasat Internet service you will receive and additional level of service and support. EasyCare service is an option you'll want to check out. Call us today for details. Viasat internet plans offer you a range of streaming and speed service options.

We want you to be happy and satisfied with ViaSat. That’s why your price won’t increase for the first two years. Our service plan price lock avoids price increase gotchas. We lock in your pricing for the first two years. Speeds will vary depending on your location and plan but in virtually all areas of the continent U.S. Viasat will be able to get you online. Call us to today with any and all questions you have about comparisons, prices, plans and the specifics of your particular area and we will be happy to discuss the service and options available to you and your family or small business.

Viasat strives to provide the most competitive service and price plans available in your area. EasyCare service is a great bundling option to lock in and prioritize your needs. Call us to compare all your internet service options including with service plans offered by our competitors. We are confident Viasat will bring you online even in areas where internet options are limited. Call us today for plan details.

PLANS & PRICING for Satellite Internet
Viasat offers a variety of plans that will work within your budget. We know you want fast and reliable internet service regardless of your location and we have a plan to match. Each Viasat plan comes with our two-year price lock guarantee, unlimited data, fast speed, and our signature customer service. Call today to lock in the best plan and price. Lock in your savings. /
Complete your Viasat package with our reliable Viasat Wireless Voice phone plan. Calls get connected using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology that lets you be on the phone and online at the same time. Make or receive unlimited calls to all 50 states and Canada while you’re also on the internet. The calls go through the modem but don’t count toward your internet service data plan. Make the best use of your time and stay in touch with the world especially from rural locations. Call today to bundle the plan.

Once you select your fast and reliable Viasat Internet plan you’ll make an appointment to have installation performed at your home at a time that will work best for you. Our highly-trained skilled technicians will bring what they need for the installation and will get your service connected in a professional manner. They’ll install your satellite dish and connect your service to the internet. It’s a clear-cut process that will make complete sense when you see it performed and that’s why we encourage you to check out our installation guide before setting up your appointment. That way you’ll know what to expect during this installation procedure.

We welcome questions and also invite you to comparison shop for internet service available in your area especially in rural or remote locations. Doing your homework is important because that’s when you see the difference in how reliable and affordable Viasat unlimited data plans are for each budget level. Call today for more information. We’re eager to help you make the best choice, answer all your questions, and meet your needs.

Viasat Internet gets you the highest speed possible at a low, 2-year guaranteed price. Stay connected to friends, family, work, school, your community, entertainment, news and more. We have a plan with high speed internet for you. Satellite technology continues to bring the internet to locations that previously had very limited options. You want fast service, a better experience, and want it to fit your budget. We want to bring reliable internet to you.

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