Research Paper Series

The Asian MetaCentre Research Paper Series is a forum for scholars working on a range of diverse issues in the Asian context. The series takes a multidisciplinary approach to population issues and is intended to encourage substantative, theoretical and critical research in population studies on Asia. The series is aimed at stimulating and facilitating scholarly and professional communication and interaction amongst interested individuals, universities and research institutions at the local, regional and international levels.

The General Editors:
Brenda Yeoh
Vipan Prachuabmoh
Wolfgang Lutz
Anthony J. McMichael
Mika Toyota
Nguyen Thanh Liem

Editorial Assistants:
Verene Koh
Theodora Lam
The general editors welcome high quality research materials by the scholars and researchers for submission to the series. Received manuscripts will be peer reviewed to ensure high quality publications.

All contributions should be addressed to:

The General Editors
Asian MetaCentre Research Paper Series
c/o Asia Research Institute
National University of Singapore
Shaw Foundation Building, AS7
5 Arts Link
Singapore 117570
Email: popnasia*
[to send email, replace * with @nus.edu.sg

Notes for Contributors

The Research Papers are available for download below (Adobe Acrobat Reader required). If you wish to purchase hard copies of the papers in book form, please contact our distributor Select Books (Singapore) by email at info@selectbooks.com.sg or by telephone at (+65) 6732 1515.



Series No. 21 (June 2006) >>view

A Case Study of British Media Discourses of the Indian Ocean Tsunami: The December 2006 Coverage.

Tracey L. Skelton


Series No. 20 (May 2006) >>view

The Social Organization of Remittances: Channelling Remittances from East and Southeast Asia to Bangladesh

Md Mizanur Rahman and Brenda S.A. Yeoh

Series No.19: (Nov 2004) >>view
Health Concerns of 'Invisible' Foreign Domestic Maids in Thailand
Mika Toyota

Series No.18: (Jul 2004) >>view
Water Resources, Land Exploitation and Population Dynamics in Arid Areas -
The Case of Tarim River Basin in Xinjiang of China

Jiang Leiwen, Tong Yufen, Zhao Zhijie, Li Tianhong and Liao Jianhua

Series No.17: (Feb 2004) >>view
Migration and Health in China: Problems, Obstacles and Solutions
Xiang Biao

Series No.16: (Sep 2003) >>view
Explaining Gender Disparity in Child Health in Haryana State of India
Santosh Jatrana

Series No.15: (Sep 2003) >>view
Factors Associated with Contraceptive Discontinuation in Bali, Indonesia:
A Multilevel Discrete-time Competing Risks Hazard Model

Evi Nurvidya Arifin

Series No.14: (Aug 2003) >>view
Infant Mortality in a Backward Region of North India: Does Ethnicity Matter?
Santosh Jatrana

Series No.13: (Aug 2003) >>view
Strategies and Achievements in Expanding Lower Secondary Enrollments:
Thailand and Indonesia

Gavin W. Jones

Series No.12: (Jun 2003) >>view
Fertility and the Family:
An Overview of Pro-natalist Population Policies in Singapore

Theresa Wong and Brenda S.A. Yeoh

Series No.11: (Jun 2003) >>view
The “Flight from Marriage” in South-East and East Asia
Gavin W. Jones

Series No.10: (Jan 2003) >>view
Organisations that Care: The Necessity for an Eldercare Leave Scheme
for Caregivers of the Elderly in Singapore

Theresa W. Devasahayam

Series No.9: (Jan 2003) >>view
The Relationship Between Formal and
Familial Support of the Elderly in Singapore and Taiwan

Angelique Chan, Ann E. Biddlecom, Mary Beth Ofstedal and Albert I. Hermalin

Series No.8: (Jan 2003) >>view
Asians on the Move: Spouses, Dependants and Households
Special Collection of Papers by Chotib, Siew-Ean Khoo, Salut Muhidin,
Zhou Hao and S.K. Singh

Series No.7: (Oct 2002) >>view
Age Structural Transition and Economic Growth:
Evidences from South and Southeast Asia ?

Kannan Navaneetham

Series No.6: (Sep 2002) >>view
Health Consequences of Population Changes in Asia:
What are the issues?

(A summary paper from an Asian MetaCentre workshop on 'Health Consequences of Population Changes in Asia: What Are the Issues? which was held in Bangkok, Thailand on 13-14 June 2002, in conjunction with the first IUSSP Southeast Asia Regional Population Conference.)

Series No.5: (May 2002) >>view
Modeling Contraceptive Prevalence in Bangladesh:
A Hierarchical Approach

E. M. Nazmul Kalam and H. T. Abdullah Khan

Series No.4: (March 2002) >>view
The Effect of Social Interaction on Desired Family
Size and Contraceptive Use Among Women in Bangladesh

Lisa Marten

Series No.3: (October 2001) >>view
Singapore's Changing Age Structure and the Policy
Implications for Financial Security, Employment,
Living Arrangements and Health Care

Angelique Chan

Series No.2: (August 2001) >>view
The Future Population of China: Prospects to 2045
by Place of Residence and by Level of Education

Gui-Ying Cao

Series No.1: (June 2001) >>view
Age-Sex Pattern of Migrants and Movers:
A Multilevel Analysis on an Indonesian Data Set

Aris Ananta, Evi Nurvidya Anwar and Riyana Miranti


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