In-country Research Teams

In Indonesia
Dr Prof Sukamdi (In-Country Coordinator)
Dr Anna Marie Wattie (Co-Coordinator)
Center for Population and Policy Studies
Gadjah Mada University

In The Philippines
Dr Maruja Asis (In-Country Coordinator)
Ms Cecilia Marave (Co-Coordinator)
Scalabrini Migration Center

In Thailand
A/Prof Aree Jampaklay (In-Country Coordinator)
A/Prof Patama Vapattanawong (Co-Coordinator)
Institute for Population and Social Research
Mahidol University

In Vietnam
Prof Dang N. Anh (In-Country Coordinator)
Dr Ngyuen Duc Vinh (Co-Coordinator)
Vietnam’s Asia-Pacific Center of Hanoi (VAPEC Hanoi)



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